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Federal and State Governments are primarily responsible for housing affordability, homelessness and aged care accommodation, but our council can help too. We can advocate for our residents and facilitate processes, projects and services to address housing deficiencies. I will set up a Housing Taskforce to do the research and identify solutions that suit our population and housing market.

Libraries as community hubs

Great public libraries enrich community life. Service enhancement could be achieved at every library by simply setting up a free community meeting room and a local area information and history kiosk. It also makes good sense for accessibility to co-locate Divisional Councillor offices libraries. Some communities want additional learning and engagement facilities such as creative maker spaces or digital production studios. Others ask for community gardens, exhibition gallery spaces or social service hubs. Let’s listen to communities within the catchment of each library to determine the things they really need, then work together to achieve these.

Active and Healthy Lifestyle program​

As the President of the Gold Coast Active and Heathy program, I see firsthand the popularity and benefits of the broad range of low-cost and free activities for residents. I will continue support this program, and extend marketing to also attract Active and Healthy Holidaymakers.

Outdoor arts​

Major events and festivals and our Home of The Arts (HOTA) are important for tourism, our international profile and sense of pride in the Gold Coast, and we also need local cultural activities that bring people together to have fun. I will support local and multi-cultural communities citywide to stage outdoor arts, live music and festivals.

Wildlife habitat

Our koalas and other native wildlife matter too. We need to protect and enhance natural habitat and wildlife corridors in public reserves, and support private landholders to participate. As a matter of urgency I will work with the Federal and State Governments to safeguard the large, remnant, connected koala bushland in East Coomera.

Environmental entrepreneurship​

It starts with our council. We must act local and think global. Concerted action to reduce, re-use, recycle, and repower with renewable energies for council’s own operations will support and promote sustainable businesses, practices and behaviours elsewhere throughout the city.

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