Breaking Down Barriers

It's time for change, Gold Coast!

Mona Hecke promises a more transparent and inclusive governance style if elected Mayor on Saturday.

“A vote for me is a vote for less red tape and a speed up of progress,” Ms Hecke said.

“I will foster two-way communication with people of the Gold Coast to ensure that their council is in step with what they want most – that way, the councillors are better informed to make the right decisions in the public interest.

“I have mentioned on many occasions that I will remove the glass barrier at the council chambers between councillors and the public gallery.

“I will be the Mayor who is in touch with and who cares for the whole of the city and community,” she said.

  1. Minimum of 2 full-council meetings/year in different locations across the city

  2. 14 ‘Community Matters’ town-hall style meetings each year, one in every division

  3. Annual Community Think Tank with advocacy group representatives, to listen to local residents and better understand what communities really need

  4. Annual Youth Forum to listen to 18-25 year old Gold Coasters and better understand what they need and what they want for the future

  5. Local business forums to foster synergies between our council and local commercial sector activities

  6. Six independent, expert taskforces to tackle and communicate our greatest challenges: Urban Design, Transport, Sustainable Industries, Housing, City Greening and most urgently a Coronavirus Taskforce which will be the highest priority on Day 1 of council

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