See why Gold Coasters are endorsing Mona

Mona has lived on the Gold Coast all her life and is an amazing intelligent woman who truly knows what the people of the Coast need and stand for. We need more people like her in our local councillors.
Graham Drake, Business owner, Southport

Mona is very dedicated to making positive changes for our city and she has my vote.
Simone Sleep, Business owner, Robina

Mona is a fantastic community advocate, contributor with integrity, vibrant, energetic, talented and all round terrific women with the power to inspire and move others.
Satina Cooper

Mona is first a great mother, second she is a business woman, intelligent, strategic and determined to achieve goals. I can see her as a great public servant and politician as she will fight for the community and for our cause.
Ronaldo Fulieri, Entrepreneur

Seeking to listen and understand before seeking to be heard, is a skill that many of our elected officials unfortunately lack, and is an important point of difference with Mona. Mona Hecke’s career has been built on working closely with people, listening to their needs, and working collaboratively to find practical and constructive solutions. They are qualities that are vitally important in our mayor, and are among the many reasons that Mona has my vote.
Kurt Daniels, Business Owner, Surfers Paradise

Mona is just what our city needs. She’s smart, she listens, she’s approachable, she’s active in the community and epitomises the healthy lifestyle of Gold Coasters. Her inclusive style is what will get the best out of our councillors and the best for communities and economy. She is triple AAA…she’s altruistic, articulate and approachable….and awesome!
Philip Follent, Community Advocate, Tugun

Mona has what it takes to be a truly great Mayor. As a former officer in both the Queensland Government and Gold Coast City Council, I have known and worked for many politicians of all persuasions. I can spot a good one a mile off. Many other people have recognised her qualities and encouraged her to stand for the Mayoralty. Mona is best known in and around Divisions 10 and 12 where she has lived in recent years, but she has lived in various places across the Gold Coast where she has mostly lived since she was 9 years old. Mona is familiar with many communities and she cares about the whole city. Mona has a strong sense of what the council could be doing better. She’s savvy, sensible and community-spirited. Mona will work hard and always be fair. Anyone can talk to her without fear or favour. I’ll be doing everything I can to help others see that she deserves their vote in next year’s council election – please!
Tory Jones, Urban Designer, Broadbeach

Passionate, driven, articulate, honest, loyal, extremely hard working, resilient. Come on Gold Coast – get behind a candidate that will take the time to get to know you and the issues that concern you and represent you with heart and back it with conviction.
Diana Donaldson, Benowa

Dedicated local activist whose values are to support the local community….in particular, she listens and acts. Please give her all the help and support possible.
Peter Lang, Main Beach

Honesty and putting the community first.
Anne Jones

Mona sees clearly what the locals are feeling about local issues and she explains it openly and so well. She will be getting my vote.
Scott Sharley, Burleigh Heads

Mona has my support as mayor for Gold Coast City because I believe that she will follow through with genuine integrity, which our city needs! Mona comes from a natural health background, is a passionate mother and held community leadership roles, therefore she knows from the grassroots what it takes to thrive, consistently achieving wellbeing for all.
Deirdre Tehan Cullen, Southport

Mona has earnt the respect from many on the gold coast due to her passion and determination.
Stewart Brooker, Coomera

I first met Mona when she reached out to me during my struggle with the Burleigh Golf Club development – a retirement village on the golf course which was listed as private open space, and despite being protected from development in the city plan, was approved in its fullest capacity. During this long 2-year fight Mona offered her full support, visiting me in my home because she genuinely wanted to know in-depth facts of the issue, even though it wasn’t an issue that directly impacted her or her home. Her knowledge of the town planning and council responsibilities was invaluable, especially when my local council representative Pauline Young, and mayor Tom Tate refused to support the needs and concerns of their constituents. Her genuine interest in town planning, and concern for the welfare of the city and it’s citizens was a breath of fresh air for me. Do not underestimate Mona Hecke in her competitive determination to win the race for Mayor. Mona’s intelligence, combined with her fierce passion and tenacious character make her an ideal candidate for politics and I’d love to see her in a debate and battle with Tom Tate… I reckon that would be UNMISSABLE!! WIN THIS MONA! The GC needs you!
Rachael Sechtig, Mermaid Waters

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