About Me

I want to work for you to build a better City!

Many people know me as Aussie Health Girl; naturopath, nutritionist, whole foods educator and author of ‘The Lunchbox Revolution, but there’s so much more to me that equips me to serve as your mayor.

I was educated at Broadbeach Primary and Miami High Schools. I’ve spent most of my life at the Gold Coast and seen how this city has evolved.

My early career was in public relations and marketing during an exciting era for the Gold Coast. My first job was in promotions and copywriting at radio station 4GG. From there I joined the founding teams to establish, open and promote Conrad Jupiters Casino and Hotel and The Sheraton Mirage Hotel.

When mothering became my primary purpose, I grew increasingly interested in health and nutrition and studied to attain a degree in Naturopathy. I have practised as a naturopath and nutrition adviser for 20 years. I have developed specific expertise in family health and have a passion for inspiring parents to raise happy, healthy children through preventative healthcare to avoid many of the common and chronic illnesses we see today.

I also work as a trainer in the pharmaceutical and health retail industry, and I own and run a business that distributes and retails a range of specialty whole food lines.

For many years, I was President of the Parents and Friends Association at All Saints Anglican School.

Currently I am President of the Gold Coast Active and Healthy Lifestyle Alliance, which operates to promote healthy eating and and regular activity.

I have been a regular public speaker in the Health and Wellness Sector, and, since 2015, I have had the honour of being an Australia Day Ambassador for the Queensland Government, travelling to officiate at ceremonies in regional communities.

Representing our local community has been a long-held dream of mine, and the time to put my hand up has never been more important than right now. I want positive change for good. I want to enable the best opportunities for the healthy growth of our people and our city. I can bring about positive change in the quality of your lives, and this is why I ask for your support in the council election in March 2020.

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