It's time for change, Gold Coast!

I'm Mona Hecke and I've been a Gold Coaster since 1974

I’m putting my hand up to lead a new generation of trustworthy, community-minded, future-thinking councillors, who will drive Gold Coast City Council to do better in managing and developing our city.

I believe the smartest path to prosperity is to complement and diversify our tourism and construction economy with industries and development that will responsibly enrich the lives of our citizens, the quality of our urban areas and the state of our natural environment.

To ensure Gold Coast City thrives we must operate in partnership with our Federal, State and neighbouring local governments. I will advocate, collaborate and negotiate for the Gold Coast to attract a fairer share of Australian and Queensland Government funding for services and major infrastructure projects.

I want everyone – business owners and operators, residents and visitors – to enjoy a better life in a better city. We need to strike the right balance for an economically and environmentally sustainable future. I need you to elect me as your next Mayor.

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